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    Working with The Mack Firm was incredible. I was give the run around by many different people to help settle my fathers estate and he explained everything smoothly and efficiently to help my better understanding of the situation and what wa...
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    Brian Mack was most helpful in explaining the "legalese" when he was working with me recently. I went in with little or no knowledge of what I was going to need, and he immediately made me feel at ease and not as skeptical as I feared this...
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Blacksburg Wills Attorney Helps You Protect Your Loved Ones

Plan ahead with a knowledgeable Virginia estate planning lawyer

A will is the backbone of any complete estate plan. It directs how you wish your assets to be managed and distributed after your death and names an executor to carry out these functions. If you die without a will, your estate will be administered according to Virginia law instead of your personal wishes. At The Mack Law Firm, I prepare wills that give my clients in Blacksburg, Christiansburg and the surrounding areas the confidence that their estate planning objectives will be achieved.

Everyone needs a will, no matter the age

Many younger people assume they won’t need to think about writing a will for years, but this is not true. An untimely death at any age due to an accident, illness or other disastrous occurrence can leave your family in financial hardship. In addition to controlling the disposition of your assets, a will allows you to name a guardian for the care of any minor children or other dependents should the worst happen. A will also enables you to entrust management of your estate to someone you have confidence in. I analyze each client’s personal and financial situation to make sure the will I prepare thoroughly addresses their needs and objectives.

Don’t leave your estate open to risk

If you die without a will, Virginia law dictates how your property is distributed and to whom. Your property passes to your heirs at law according to a preset statutory scheme and your estate is managed by an administrator chosen by the court. While this legal process is designed to protect your estate, it also can open the door to challenges by multiple persons asserting claims, including creditors and co-owners of assets. A carefully prepared will lets you remove ambiguity about your intentions regarding distribution of your estate. It also allows you to provide for beneficiaries who are not your heirs at law, such as friends and charitable organizations.

Guiding you through the will creation process

An effective, comprehensive will requires careful preparation. I start with discussing your objectives regarding the people you wish to share in your estate and the property interests you want included. Not all of your property is transferred by will upon your death. Some assets may pass automatically to co-owners, such as retirement plans that name a beneficiary. However, your will controls what happens to any of your property that is not distributed by other means.

I then make sure your wishes are properly spelled out and that your will is executed and attested according to law. Wills that are correctly drafted, executed and attested are less vulnerable to challenge by heirs and other contestants, thereby making the probate process smoother and faster.

Contact The Mack Law Firm to discuss your estate plan today

Whether you need a will or need to update a previous one, The Mack Law Firm in Blacksburg, Virginia is here to serve your specific needs. Contact my office at 540-443-9255 or online to set up a free consultation today.